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Posted by: Mike Bacon ( North TX, USA ) on August 10, 1999 at 10:43:54:

In Reply to: anyone who dares bash Wal-Mart, let me ask what Burger King and Pizza Hut has done for you. posted by Tammie on July 06, 1999 at 12:37:52:

...that the Walmart locations in my neck of the woods seem to have the attitude We Don't Care And It Shows. From the often-filthy restrooms, dirty floors, and numerous abused merchandise boxes to the illiterate doofus-stocked music CDs and their often-broken promises to open more check-out lanes when the often 2 or 3 open lanes are rapidly backing up with customers. When I've complained, I've often been blown off with lame excuses or the associates would say "yeah you're right!" in an acknowledging but uncaring tone.

I'm glad that you're working for a good Walmart location run by people who go above and beyond in looking out for their employees. I'm sorry you lost your husband and kudos to your management for helping you through that traumatic time.

But the fact is that there are problems with this discount chain that need fixing. I'm not out to close it down or keep it from expanding, but I would like to see more quality, competent people take control of the chain and get it back on track. People who will pay Sam Walton's legacy respect instead of crap on it.

As for Shaun, he didn't mean any disrespect for Walmart or country music. As for myself, I don't like rap or most of today's alternative rock junk. But I do like some metal, rock with a kick to it (Bad Company, Pink Floyd, etc.), and much of the 80's New Wave/alternative music (B52s', The Cars, R.E.M., etc.), as well as the go-their-own-way country artists like Waylon & Willie, Steve Earle, Hank Jr., and Robert Earl Keen. At Walmart, your selection is pretty much limited to Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, other top 40 flavors of the month, and that mid-90s to present alternacrap and cookie-cutter flavor of the month country artists. If they would improve their CD variety anywhere close to the level of a good independent music shop, that would be a good start.

In closing, again I'm not out stunt Walmart's growth, or banish it from the earth. But I want to at least see our stores here improve. With the right people, they will. As for the small business owners whose stores went belly-up, I wonder how many of them just threw in the towel without even trying, and then blamed Walmart for their bad turn of luck. As for BK, Shaun and Julie have said many positive things about that fast-food chain. KFC: haven't eaten there in years, but last time I did I wasn't impressed. Don't know how they are at employee relations.


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