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I think they can....

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( North TX, USA ) on August 10, 1999 at 10:44:12:

In Reply to: Can a local economy survive a Wal-Mart? posted by Darya on August 06, 1999 at 11:52:57:

...if they don't give up, and then blame wallyworld for the demise of their business. McD's hasn't hurt the privately-owned burger joints and diners in my area, and the independently-owned supermarkets nearby seem to be doing just fine, despite the sea of Albertsons, Tom Thumbs, Winn Dixies, and yes our Walmart, and 2 mid-cities' Big Kmarts.

A Dallas independent record store called "Bill's" has numerous CD's that you can't find at either "Mart" or major record store. It's been thriving for years. Your local business owners need to buckle under, and "Try Harder". Offer their customers the product quality and service level they can't get at wallyworld or the other majors. If your Walmart turns out to be run by, and staffed with bozos like many of 'em are, it shouldn't be that hard for the local businesses to retain, and gain, clientelle.


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