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Wal-Mart associates= overworked and underpaid

Posted by: Missy ( usa ) on August 17, 1999 at 14:24:08:

I have been working for Wmart for 10 years now. You're probably wondering why I'm still there if I hate it so bad. Well, when a corporation such as this moves into a small town like the one I live in, Wmart becomes one of the only job opportunities in town. I went into the web site WalMart sucks..I never knew so many people had grievances against the company!! I believe pleasing the customer is most important, but the customer should also treat the workers with respect. I myself work long hours for pitiful pay...and i have a college degree. I thought this company would provide a great future when I started, but i have discovered now that that only applies if you are a man. It sickens me that I am expected to perform the same exact work as my male counterparts and yet I still receive less pay. My boss' favorite saying is "there are no men and women in this store..just associates"..that's a joke!! If you are not a white male..forget it!!...you will almost never advance. And if you are gay, biracial, or something just as "radical" as this...forget it!! Walmart does offer insurance and some benefits but is it worth the constant pressure. Each day they expect more and more while the associates are given less and less. One day I hope I can leave this hell hole with just a little of the sanity that I came into this company with. If you do not work for Wmart..good ..you're the smart one. If you do , get out while you still can!!

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