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Walmart - The Store I Used To Hate

Posted by: Sandie Kiley ( Ontario, Canada ) on August 18, 1999 at 15:57:48:

Being a proud Canadian, I too hated Walmart for being an "American Store". I only shopped in stores that were Canadian. I wandered into a Walmart one day just to see what it was like, to my surprise I found that most of the product was Canadian made, the customer service was superior to any other store that I had ever been in, except for K-Mart which is an American store, it was clean, well lit and very friendly. Recently when a major Canadian chain (Zellers) bought out K-Mart, I was forced to start shopping at Zellers (because it was closer than the Walmart), their customer services sucks, they're cluttered, they never have advertised specials when you go shopping for them, they're prices are outrages, and there's never any sales staff around when you need them. Needless to say I will now go out of my way to go to Walmart, because they offer everything that I ever wanted in a store and more.

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