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You should know better.

Posted by: No Pam, You should know Better! on August 20, 1999 at 17:28:05:

In Reply to: If you work for a vet you should know better. posted by Pam on August 04, 1999 at 11:50:22:

Pam based on your comments you seem to make yourself more of a fool and ignorant at that. If you want to look good and debate his (VET) statement, you should at least offer some facts. All you did is make yourself look like an idiot with a big mouth and no brains Vet want-to-be. When I saw that statement, "You Should Know Better" and you did not give any supporting facts especially against a person who offers a professional opinion, you remind me of a snob nosed idiot who lost their train of thought and tried to tap dance their way out of something they couldn't get their brain to handle. So what did the idiot say?: Da Da Da Da..You Should Know Better!

This is a Debate room not a Rebate room. Go to the mall and get your rebates there and do all the gossiping you want. and yes I didn't put my name because I know your kind. gossip gossip gossip! I won't be the center of your gossip!

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