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Posted by: Darya ( USA ) on August 22, 1999 at 12:17:26:

In Reply to: Convenience? That is where they are weakest! posted by Hugh Morris on August 20, 1999 at 11:08:24:

First I would like to thank all of you for replies and input into my message.

Now onto Wal-Mart:
HM you have to be right about the distribution centers in rural areas, because I live practically in the sticks and as of November 1999 I will have FOUR Wal-Marts within 20 minutes driving distance.
What angers me is that a new Super Wal-Mart (one that sells groceries too) is opening up along a rural route (two lane highway) right across from a shopping center of all but one independently owned businesses. In fact the state (Taxpayers!!!) is paying to rebuild most of the road so that the traffic for the new Wal-Mart will be accomodated. Hell, they even gave Wal-Mart a special tax break for coming into such an economically depressed area and hiring all of the people on government assistance! That means that i just worked to pay yet another Wal Mart to come into my area and try to run out independent business.
Yes I do think some of the businesses WILL survive but I am sure some of them will also close. Hell, I bet even the corporate McD's in the wal mart will try to undercut the independent one across the street.

Well only time will tell what will happen, and I will keep you all posted on what does.

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