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Posted by: Jack Toczilowski ( retired, USA ) on August 22, 1999 at 13:19:37:

I am a former employee of the G.D. Searle Company, the company that developed aspertame. Early in it's inception,"Nutrasweet" was recalled three times, that I know of, because of the serious neurological problems it was creating in infants. Since Donald Rumsfield was then the President of the GD Searle Corporation, and had much influence in Washington and, particularly among the Republican Party,( at one time he was head of the CIA and later a serious candidate for the Presidency),it was reinstated without much fanfare. Monsanto bought the rights to Nutrasweet from Searle and it's the major sweetener in hundreds of products. I fear for the long term implications of this product. It should be taken off the market until sufficient research can be documented to remove it completely. I personally believe this to be an extremely dangerous produc and will allow no one in my family to use any product which contains "Nutrasweet". I would suggest anyone reading this to do the same.

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