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The ROOT of the problem

Posted by: Lorna ( USA ) on September 27, 1999 at 01:24:16:

Perhaps, we are focusing entirely too much attention on companies and their products and the animals. You are right,it is wrong to kill animals but it is also wrong for people to kill each other. It is wrong that people are being put to death for crimes that they did not commit. It is wrong for people to be discriminated against. There are a lot of problems all over the world. THE ROOT OF ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS are PEOPLE. We all tend to find "things" to concern ourselves with. What about US as individuals and what our problems are. If we all invested more time in ourselves, then these "bad" companies/products would not exist. It's PEOPLE who are the backbone of these companies/products. We control these companies/products not the other way around. No I'm not lost in a dream world, but I just like keepin' it real.

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