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will decreased beef production solve the problem?

Posted by: margaret ( USA ) on September 27, 1999 at 01:31:19:

I have put some thought into this and done research,the whole point of targeting McD's business practices regarding the RAINFOREST is to try to save the forest, correct? but what exactly do we want them to do about it? If McD's were to concede to its practices then pressure would be put on other companies to get thier beef elsewhere, this would be good, but I think that we have to put pressure not only on highly visible companies but also world gov to change thier polices regarding land use. Rainforest deforestation is a highly complex issue with many underlying causes and contributors. as well as beef, rainforest land is used to grow soya products, THE FEED FOR THE CATTLE. most of the feed that is grown is exported to feed the huge cattle industries in many northern countries. My question is, even if governments were to make policies banning the use of cattle raised on rainforest and former rainforest lands, would this help the deforestation problem or only impact the rainforest in another way? Probably, the land used for soya would only increase dramaticcaly as the demand for grain-feed elsewhere in the world grew.

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