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They probably got very very sick, then consulted an attorney.

Posted by: Hugh Morris ( Beetlejuice eats a burrito by mistake and vomits uncontrollably, USA ) on September 27, 1999 at 15:45:09:

In Reply to: What actions were taken posted by Dan Rose on September 27, 1999 at 02:00:14:

: I work for Hungry Jacks, and I cashier as well as prepare the food, so I know the routine fairly well. Understandably I don't know much about Taco Bell, but I have a few questions and suggestions

: 1. Although rice is a legume, and not a meat product, did the customer SPECIFY that it was not to be mixed with any meat product ?

Morris: Probably not; it was assumed. They probably ordered an item that normally does not contain meat. Unfortunately, in spite of the half-assed lids that are kept on the hot ingredients on the steam table, the crumbly, semi-viscous nature of the food served there assures that food goes flying in all direcions when business is heavy. Crumbs of beef could easily land in rice, chicken lands in beans, et cetera. They probably got a tiny crumb of beef, not enough to bait a mousetrap, too small to be seen by anyone envolved in making their order, but still enough for a Hindu to sin by eating it.

By the way, vegetairans should know that the rice at Taco Bell, at least as recently as 1998, is made with seasoning that includes chicken broth.

: 2. What actions were taken before Small Claims court ?

Morris: I don't know about this case beyond the nooze article, since I read it in the nooze-paper and transcribed it here. I recall a similar case in which a Hindu man ordered something with beans, and was served beef. "Beans" and "beef" sound alike, so obviously the order taker erred here. Not only did Taco Bell refuse to finance his trip to India, they didn't even refund his money for his inadvertant beef purchase.

Hugh Morris

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