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What I would do If I could...

Posted by: Kate Ferrar ( Canada ) on September 29, 1999 at 13:47:48:

Most people who read this might just think I am chicken or afraid of the consequences, but this is untrue. If I could find a small, trusted group of people to join me as I march into a vivisection laboratory and release dozens of helpless animals, I would. If a group came to me, and needed volunteers to spray paint on fur coats, I would. If I had to risk my life in order to shoot dead the animal abusers who are everywhere...I would. But for now, I dont know where to go. Although I have done numerous projects on animal abuse and vivisection, cruelty and experimentation, I still do not know what to do! God help me, as I am lazy and unthoughtful. Send my deepest love and prayer to the courageous one who fights, and send my volunteering resume to the one who wants me to join them.

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