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We all share this planet

Posted by: minus pickles ( Australia ) on October 31, 1999 at 18:02:23:

In Reply to: If it weren`t for these big companies posted by Kenny on October 29, 1999 at 11:20:06:

I think David, and Kenny miss the point on what McSpotlight and its supporters are trying to get across to the world. That is that they do not object to the existence of large multinational companies such as McDonalds, Microsoft, Shell etc, it is how these companies carry out their business that causes concern.

If Mcdonalds, in carrying out there business, didnt do the following as addressed in McSpotlight:
1) agressively target the very young for their advertising
2) buy meat from farmers that practice in rainforrest felling
3) exploit junior workers
plus the many more identified in the Mcspotlight Site, then your so called socialist hippees would not be whining.

We all share this planet - and i consider it my right as a human to kick up a fuss if someone sees it fit to exploit earth and its citizens for the benefit of shareholders

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