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Let me tell you about wal-mart.

Posted by: the insider ( pocahontas, ark., U.S. ) on December 23, 1999 at 10:37:16:

First off, let me tell you, I do work at wal-mart but i'm not proud of it one bit. I've been there seven years and I've seen enough bad treatment of people (customers and workers) that it would make you sick. I don't know about anybody else's store but our manager is a cocky, gap-toothed asshole from the word go. He constantly talks down to his workers making them feel like idiots. Unless you're one of his pets, then you're in easy. You get all the good jobs, even though you do nothing but place your nose squarely up his ass. he never takes resposibility but instead tries to intimidate you into believe he's right even though everyone knows he's dead wrong.
The store will try and squezee every penny from you they can. Espically in our area, because we are the main store in the town. People really have no choice but to shop there. That's thier thing, they bring to your town this good, wholesome image and when they get there, they go straight for the money, period. Anybody can get a job, but it's only the ass-kissers and favorites who get to move up in the company. Don't even try to work hard because it will get you nowwhere. Trust me, I know. I've been passed over many times for raises and promotions and watched many a cute girl come in, bat her eyes the right way, shake her ass and in six months, she has a higher job than I do.
If you really want to work at a wal-mart, my advice is this: suck up all you can, get promoted and away from your home store, then turn around and screw the manager that you kissed up to. If you don't want to kiss up then please go to college, graduate and tell everyone there to kiss your ass! If not, be ready for a long and unprosperous career at wal-mart.

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