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Quit and run.

Posted by: Fed up ( Australia ) on December 27, 1999 at 13:45:16:

Quiting my job at Hungry Jacks was the best thing i ever did. getting away from those fat assed lazy managers brought a huge grin to my face, im free at last.
You dont have to put up with the crap these stores give you young employees, they only give you a bad taste for the work force.
I used to be happy to work there but the seccond i turned 18 i was kicked to the kurb to do the graveyard shifts. They loose all their experienced staff that way and to that i say sucked in, you wont have a company for much longer if you treat your staff that way. Managers think they run the stores but wake up loosers, if we werent there, you wouldnt have a store at all. Please dont think i am a complainer, because i am not i just want to tell the world that everything they hear is true and you dont have to put up with working for a company that treats you like dirt. anyone who has ever worked for a store with crap managers will know what i am saying. i know there are a lot of good managers out there but i havent found one yet.

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