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I got hurt on the job and fired

Posted by: Roxanne Cook ( None wanna start one?, USA ) on December 29, 1999 at 10:33:48:

I worked at Sam's Club for 6 years. Two years ago I used the so-called
"Open-door" policy. I was a target for termination from that point on.
It seems that there was 49 policies and procedures that the GM was not
Each day my work enviroment was hostile, not by associates but by
What it is so odd about that manager thing is when I was orientated they said there was no such thing as a manager only coaches, HA! you should see that billboard they wear on their chest MANAGER.
I was an excellent associate, never late in 6 years, I just worked
the whole time I was there because I knew the cameras were on me. They
needed have bothered, I have and always be a worker.
I had many legal issues come up while employed at Sam's. My son and
I are invovled in a class action lawsuit against Baxter Healthcare for
contaminating him with HCV.
Twice we had to fly to San Francisco. They (management) always made me
feel like they were doing me a favor, by giving my vacation earned.
On November 12, 1999, I smashed my finger inbetween some carts, around
2:00 pm. By 4:00 pm my knuckle was very sore and swollen. My entire hand was begining to swell, I therefore asked my immediate supervisor
if I could go home. The in turn checked with the managers, they said
fine. By 7:00 pm or later I was begining to think that something maybe
broken. I called the club and asked which doctors Sam's used for injuries. The manager quite snottingly said. "We don't know anything
about it. You will have to come in and fill out an incident report."
I was in my PJ's and could not use my left hand to pull up my pants. I
am a single mother of two sons and did not feel it appropriate to ask
them to help me. I sent my 20 year old son to the club to pick up the
paper work. He was refused the paperwork. I felt I had no choice but to
go to the emergency room. My finger was not broken. The capsule that
surrounds my knuckle was. The doctor wrote me a note for the following
day, the 13th of November. The next two days were my days off. On the
15th I went into the club to give them my excuse from the doctor. I was told I was fired for not following company direction.
When I called Home Office and they of course talked to their managers,
it was all my fault. I should have come in, I should have filled out
an accident report. I was/am under the impression that once I told my
immediate supervisor it was in their hands. I was mistaken and fired.
Please if you have any sense do not work for these people. They will
strip you of your dignity, self-esteem, and your self-worth. The management will not stand behind you unless you are a ass-kissing prick. On the other hand if you are a 20 year old girl and let the
managers touch and feel you, you will move right up the ladder, despite
the fact that you have no knowledge of what the entails.
I know that Sam Walton has to be rolling over in his grave.

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