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It wouldn't surprise me.

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( USA ) on January 11, 19100 at 10:56:31:

In Reply to: Wal-Mart & Censored Music posted by corkscrew on January 10, 19100 at 13:07:05:

Wally world is run by a bunch of bozos. So it wouldn't shock me at all to find that they stock only "clean" versions of controversial artists' material.

But good luck finding what you want. The last time I was at Wally World, the CD section was the most fucked up I'd ever seen it. Whoever they hire to stock CD's must be illiterite. There's no other way to explain it. Because absolutely no attention at all was paid to the artists' section tags. It was the same at both Kmarts in my area, as well as our local Wal Mart. For example, I saw Mariah Carey and Celine Deion both in the Eric Clapton section. But NO Eric Clapton. In the Steve Miller section, not one Steve Miller disc!!! Furthermore both K's and our Wallyworld were a fucking mess!!! Damaged packages containing fragile appliances and TV's. Unpacked food and paper goods sitting in the middle of the aisles. The store managers must all have their heads up their asses!! If I were either chains' regional supervisor, you can bet there would be at least one store manager receiving his final paycheck about now.

A better choice, if not the best choice, is to buy your music CD's at places which specialize in music CD's and cassette tapes. Places like Wherehouse Music and Sam Goody, both chains are well-known here in the DFW area. The selection is much better there too. I recently bought the UN-censored version of a "techno" CD by an artist who calls himself "Fat Boy Slim" at a Sam Goody [My first-ever techno disc]. You can bet Wallyworld won't have that.

In closing it isn't that discount retail needs to disappear, but they do need to clean up their act, and hire quality people.


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