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Man the primate

Posted by: Homo Sapiens on January 13, 19100 at 11:20:07:

In Reply to: HEY! McSpotlight, how many paychecks do you provide? posted by Frenchy on January 10, 19100 at 12:52:22:

: : I agree, these whiny types are so misgiuded. If it weren`t for these big companies then we just would not have technologicallt advanced as much as we did this century. Do you think Henry Ford, Bill Gates, or Thomas Edison developed things because the "kindness of their heart" or making money. If you believe that it was kindness then I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.

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: : McSpotlight: You *do* know that the US meat industry feeds faeces and slaughterhouse remnants to beef cattle, don't you? Big companies may bring you material comfort, but at what price?

: Yeah, and dogs eat shit and lick their balls too. So? Would you outlaw dogs too?? Cows that eat shit, or as you so delicately put it, "feces", and remanants of their own kind is only another proof that there is no similarity between animals and humans.

That's got to be the most ignorant statement I've ever heard. Aside from a more advanced intelligence, name one way the human primate is different from other primates, or other animals for that matter. And don't even dare to mention souls, because you can't prove you have or haven't one, you can only believe it through faith. We eat, we shit, we reproduce, just like other animals. The cows McSpotlight were referring to don't knowingly eat shit, it's just what's fed to them (for fools like you to eat later in the form of their flesh). Human beings torture one another, which animals don't. Human fetishists eat shit, humans lick each others balls and asses, humans rape infants and other animals for fun. We're not so superior after all.

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