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My dept. manager is !#%&*

Posted by: CE ( arkansas, usa ) on January 29, 19100 at 12:29:32:

I have been working for wal-mart for 3 years. I do not care for the way wal-mart employees are treated. I am looking for a new job as we speak, but unfortunately I can't leave wal-mart until I get another. I have had numerous unpleasant situations at Wal-mart. The Open-door policy is a major joke. A couple of other people that work in my dept. and myself found this out recently. If you do use the open-door policy you are punished. The three of us have been dealing with screwed up schedules, bad tempors, and bad evaluations. Those of us who once had excellent reviews in the past are now getting only standard. Yesterday, a large snow storm swept threw our town. My husband called and told me that I needed to go home because I live almost an hour away, and much of the road I travel is now under construction. My dept manager heard me speak to my husband and then when I hung up the phone I told her what he had said. She then let me go on a fifteen minute break. When I came back to the dept she was already off of the clock with a shopping cart in her hands and she was telling another associate not to let me go home until after that associates lunch was taken. Needless to say my dept manager had left what she was doing, a piece count for inventory, and left it for the other girl to do. She had also left jewelry laying on top of the showcase for us to pick up. I didn't know what she wanted to do with this stuff. Much of it didn't even have barcodes or prices. I threw it all in a bag and threw it in the safe. At wal-mart in the breakroom there is a sign hanging on the wall. It says "Once a job has begun, never leave it until its done." I think managemant should have to abide by this too. If I, or one of the other associates would have done this, we would have been in big trouble. My dept. manager does not care about her associates. She high tailed it home as soon as she heard that there would be bad weather. While she was in line checking out another associate called because she also lives almost an hour away. I paged my manager so she could speak to her. My manager told her to come on in. In my opinion this is terrible.

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