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A good starting point

Posted by: MIK ( GB ) on February 06, 19100 at 19:51:41:

In Reply to: MULTINATIONALS IN LATIN AMERICA'S ECONOMIC SYSTEM posted by MARCELA CARRILLO on October 02, 1998 at 11:15:31:

A good starting point would be Noam Chomsky's 'At War with Asia'. No I know Columbia is not in Asia but there is a section on the effects of US domination of industry in the whole of South America. In- fact a fair amount of infomation can be gleaned from most of Chomsky's books and in particular directed towards Columbia. Hope you can shake off the yanks, I understand they have taken over the arms contracts to your drug cartels after the Isreali's went in and crated a need. Good Luck In the Future.

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