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Posted by: Mercury ( USA ) on February 14, 19100 at 11:51:28:

a petition online at http://www.petitiononline.com


We the people of the surrounding area of the proposed new Burger King site, object to construction of this type
of establishment based on the following issues:

1. 1.The proposed Burger King restaurant will significantly decrease the value of any home in the surrounding
area. Home appraisers evaluate the surrounding area for structures which are visible from your home and either
emit an odor or are a noise nuisance, and they offset your appraisal by a nominal amount. This will severely
impact the value of your home in a negative way.

2. The surrounding land will need to be re-graded and a significant amount of tree removal will take place. This
construction will make both Jericho Turnpike and the immediate buildings more visible to the homes in the
immediate area. It will also reduce the natural sound barrier and more road noise will penetrate into the
residential areas.

3. The Burger King will operate early in the morning until after midnight. The proposed Burger King will have a
drive up window which will have automobiles lined up constantly. This will produce an exhaust odor which will
flow into the surrounding neighborhood.

4. Burger King gets regular deliveries of supplies via tractor-trailers. This will be producing a significant noise
factor to the surrounding homes.

5. Paragraph (4) of Smithtown Code 322-84 states that “Prevent the overcrowding of land or buildings”. The
proposed site will essentially put the Burger King on top of the Sea Breeze Restaurant and aid in the crowding of
that area.

6. The Proposed Burger King will be utilizing “char-broiling” which will constantly emit an odor into the air.
Other homes located near Burger King restaurants smell the odor significantly. It is objectionable and is there
everyday or every year. By allowing Burger King to be constructed, you will now smell both a McDonalds and a
Burger King, every day, every year UNTIL YOU MOVE OUT!
7. The area of The Pines is an attractive locale, with homes kept immaculate, and house values nearly 10%
higher than surrounding areas. People purchased homes in the Pines to escape the commercial atmosphere. Our
area is eroding away the fast food chains and auto repair. The rate of increased home value is decreasing with
every new commercial building. Fast food chains are being built under our noses and traffic is increasing. Air is
getting polluted and noise pollution is increasing. The questions you have to ask yourself is:

a. Is a Burger King restaurant going to improve the value of your home or make your life better?
b. Do you want to have a char-broil odor everyday?
c. Is Burger King the kind of establishment we want in our surrounding area?
d. Do you want to have Burger King noise everyday?
e. Do you want Burger King to destroy the natural grade of the land and cut down precious trees that protect
our natural sound barriers?



The Undersigned

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