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hungry jacks is shit

Posted by: jacks sucks ( Australia ) on February 17, 19100 at 13:23:49:

In Reply to: Where i work is fun!!!! posted by Amanda on February 14, 19100 at 11:51:47:

I have worked at hungry jacks for 2 years and disagree. My hungry jacks is not fun, it sucks. Most of the managers that have worked there have been alright, but it depends on the restaurant manager. At the moment we have a really bad r.m. who is only concerned about "saving hours". I'm 19 so I only get rostered 9 hours a week. Usually I get given extra breaks to save hours. All the managers working there do that now, because if they don't they will have there arse kicked by the rm. Today one of the managers rang me up to do an extra shift (which happens rarely because they usually ring the 15 year olds up who get $5 an hour). About ten minutes later the rm rang me to say not to come in for the shift.

When this rm was doing the rosters, he gave me all shit shifts like 12am - 8am, so that I would quit. But now a different manager is doing the rosters so I am getting better shifts. I not saying I don't want to quit, I would if I could find another job.

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