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You can find information on all this all over the Internet.

Posted by: Jim ( US ) on March 03, 19100 at 11:55:14:

In Reply to: Dangers of Sugar, Carbonation, and Acid! posted by Candice on March 05, 1999 at 17:28:54:

Our bodies are not designed to use refined sugar (and other refined carbohydrates). Refined sugar especially, accelerates the aging process by indirectly destroying human growth hormone and forces the body to store fat. This is why, in spite of all the bogus hype about low fat foods and diets, we are, as a people, more obese than ever. It also contributes to many other degenerative diseases.

Aspartame used as a substitute is even worse as it is toxic (contains methanol and breaks down into embalming fluid and other bad stuff) and results in a constant feeling of hunger, resulting in even more obesity. The effects of this are cumulative and not easily noticeable until disease is far advanced. At one time the Soft Drink bottlers association officially discouraged the use of this due to its toxicity but eventually caved in to the money interests.

There are natural sweeteners, such as Stevia (has a slight aftertaste) and SweetBalance (supposedly has no aftertaste), which are extracted from fruits and plants. However, there has not been much interest to date by soft drink manufacturers.

You can find information on all this all over the Internet.


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