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Sale of armaments

Posted by: Second Amendment Supporter ( None, USA ) on March 03, 19100 at 16:22:43:

In the discussion of 'armaments dealers' there's frequent reference to 'oppressive' regimes. Without private ownership of guns, how are these oppresive regimes ever to be overthrown? Yes, guns can be bad; but only in the hands of irresponsible owners. Don't focus on banning guns, rather on responsible ownership (which includes proper storage in the home - so crooks, kids, and the unbalanced can't get them to misuse them).

I want my gun in my home. No matter how thorough the gun ban, crooks will always manage to get them. So if someone enters my home bent on harming me, I want the means to come out the winner. Would you have me sacrifice myself to some lofty and meaningless principle? Sorry, I'm not sacrificing myself, my daughter, or my wife. Enter my home with the intent to harm me and I will do everything I can to make sure you leave my home DEAD. That's a principle worth adhering to.

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