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You could always move into a bubble

Posted by: Mike Sprout ( Canada ) on December 04, 1997 at 20:33:27:

In Reply to: You and the cellular phone industry... posted by The Everett Citizen on December 02, 1997 at 18:43:49:

Be afraid of nutrasweet, be afraid of cell phones, be afraid of carpeting, be afraid of pesticides on veggies, be afraid of tap water, be afraid of... . Where does it end? If you wanted to avoid every product that someone has raised a health concern over you'd have to seal yourself in a bubble.

While no one is saying nutrasweat is a necessary componant of the diet, the overwelming majority consider it harmless. Then again, even if there was a tiny risk, would that no be offset by the reduction in obesity (And the many proven risks that go with it)?.

By creating fears over every suggestion something maybe be harmful, you contribute to the growing sentimant "I know it (fat,McDs,tobacco,etc) is harmful, but they say everything is now adays so whats the difference?". Have you seen some of the recent posts on the humble soy bean? While I can repect Miika's view (though disagree) as she is obviously concerned about health, some have spun this view to suggest that McDonald's food is healthier than Soy beans. Is this the type of view you wish to promote?

Many people, myself included, move to a healthier lifestyle gradually. If they see some results (like weight loss) from switching to diet pop, maybe they will continue to improve their diet, and will eventually see there is no need for this type of product at all.

Funny how Quincunx hasn't seen the need to get his two cents in on this subject. He rarely lets one of my posts go withou comment. Could it be he is embaressed to admit an addiction to Diet Coke?

P.S. I hope I don't sound like one of the current Canadian Federal Tories. I'd consider that insulting.

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