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The Burst of the Bubble

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on January 07, 1998 at 14:20:15:

In Reply to: Global Financial Markets and Financial Derivative Speculations. posted by James Donelly on December 10, 1997 at 19:04:39:

Hi James,

Sorry for not responding sooner and I must say that your posting is one of the most important postings to land on this debating room in a while. It's interesting that talk of this isn't seriously discussed by many activists (at least the ones I know of) and some rightwingers will attribute the problems in Asia to not opening up their markets to competition.

I think the problem is much more deeply rooted than a facile explanation such as that and there aren't enough commentaries to help ordinary folks understand these problems.

I welcome you to come on by our discussion board
where I see possibilities of a great discussion occuring over this subject. You might get flamed by some rightwingers but don't worry about them. There's plenty of us to fix that problem.

Also at the Institute for Economic Democracy I know that there is great opportunity for discussion and many of the contributors there are very knowledgable. At least more knowledgable than me.

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