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ICI & pollutant oestrogens

Posted by: Clare Dimmer ( England ) on January 09, 1998 at 14:50:14:

I find it very interesting that ICI suggest that it is 'natural' oestrogens emitting from sewage works that are causing the problems when the Pill and HRT have been vaunted as the greatest liberating idea for women since sliced bread.

I assume that by 'natural' ICI will include all these synthetic oestrogens that have been marketed to women since the 1960's as a 'cure' for being female and that do not biodegrade but continuously accumulate in the environment.
Especially as the effect of living downstream of sewage outfalls makes fish demasculinised and eventually hermaphroditic and studies have shown that in the last few years men's sperm counts have dropped by 50%! Wouldn't it be a hoot if foisting responsibility onto women for conceiving a baby, by marketing the Pill so that any men feels he can screw any women at any time and then say its her fault for getting pregnant because she did not take the Pill, could then be screwing men by demasculinising them!!

Also, interestingly, this weeks Educational upset that boys are falling behind in their achievements in favour of girls can also be linked with studies that have shown loss of IQ in children related to ingestion of PCB's by the Mother during pregnancy and by the children after birth!! (See Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly No.512, Sept. 96 posted on the Net at monitor.net/rachel.

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