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So much wrong, where to start?

Posted by: The Everett Citizen ( IWW, OBU ) on February 02, 1998 at 20:17:47:

In Reply to: Wal-Mart success a victory for democracy posted by Mike Sprout on January 25, 1998 at 19:35:00:

: E.C., your always complaining about things be "undemocratic". Whats wrong with a company having success by giving consumers what they want? I doubt Wal-Mart is attracting the capitalist "fat cats" you loath so much (jealosy?). Consumers have obviously like Wal-Marts model, and are voting with their dollars.

Time for you to actually read something I wrote in response to this same ridiculous idea of voting with dollars...

: My city is one of the oldest in Canada. Yes, we have Wal-Mart, a just opened Costco, and Home Depot under construction, but our downtown continues to thrive with a few chains and many independants happily coexist. True, the nature of many of the smaller shops had to change, but by concentrating on superior service and specializing in areas of expertise they are able to carve out a niche in the competive retail industry.

You are looking at a snap shot in time... take another look around in 5 years, and take a look back 30 years. You wont recognize the place in either view. Maybe you'll be "lucky" enough to get a job at WalMart when they have eliminated any other alternative.

I suppose you'd prefer a retail systme like the former Soviet Union - long lines, no choice, etc

Soviet Union was monopolistic state capitalist, something the US and Canada are heading straight for! (How many times must I point this out?) The Soviet Union was not in the least what I advocate; The Soviet Union was centralized and serving of the priveledged (just like your beloved capitalist countries always are).

Also, have you seen the lines in chain stores, and in parking lots of chain stores, and on freeways leading to the parking lots of chain stores? No lines? Huh!

Do yourself a favor, Sprout: read something, learn something, do something before you make a real fool of yourself.

Mike, The Everett Citizen

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