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Posted by: John Fowler ( E-Z Vegan, Canada ) on February 16, 1998 at 09:42:39:

The undisputed king of multinationals is Proctor and Gamble. P&G tests their household products and cosmetics on tens of thousands of animals every single year. They claim to be on the cutting edge of vivesection alternatives but the fact is that in ten years they have spent less money researching alternatives to animal testing than they spend advertising in a week. Why do they test products on animals?

To make sure they are safe:
NO, every single ingrediant they use has been extensively tested. Testing doesnt make products safer. They spray oven cleaners into a rabbits eyes blinding him/her but dont change the product to make it safer.

They test on animals so that when some moron sprays oven cleaner in his/her eyes and sues P&G they have an easy out. They can say we went out of our way and tested this on animals.

What can you do? Boycott Proctor and Gamble. Dont buy crest, ivory, tide, cheer, gain, biz, bounce, spic and span, tampax, luvs, sunny delight, hawaiin punch, pringles, crisco, cover girl etc

(for a complete list see p&g's webpage www.pg.com)

If you have a p&g plant or office in your hometown call 757 633 PETA and ask for help organizing a demonstration.

Call proctor and gamble and do one of two things
1. complain
2. keep them on the line as long as possible (they pay 50 cents per minute)

i dont know the number off hand but you can find it on the webpage or on a box of tide etc at the store.

IF you want more info, email me or contact peta by the above number or

Proctor and Gamble Poisons animals

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