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Let's place the credit where it REALLY lie.

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Saddam Insane Haters of Texas, USA ) on February 22, 1998 at 08:02:51:

In Reply to: Re: Wal-Mart and Kmart posted by BASE727(mad cow patrol) on February 20, 1998 at 16:17:43:

Mike B. responds:

James, that would be a whole lot of careless customers! I agree that the problems may be due to some of that...but every damn Wal and K I've been to has had numerous screwed up boxes...and that includes many of the instant foods and snacks in the eats sections. As for the CD's, they are often way too far in disarray for them to be TOTALLY due to customers' carelessness.

Now let's get to the employees. I've said this before. A good employee values his/her work record, and regardless of the pay he/she will give 100% of him/herself. The careless employee who doesn't shiv-a-git generally shows a pattern. In the case of the Wal and the K (and Target, too!) the ones responsible for stocking the goods will show complete lack of dilligence and slam the boxes around as they're unloaded from the trucks, and then stacked on the shelves. And James, in these boxes are TV sets, PC's, and microwave ovens!!! All of them delicate electronics in boxes clearly marked FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE!!! Household appliances, and boxed furnitures don't get handled much better. And many of the cashiers go at a slower pace than someone on Valium. I've also known some of them to fart around and gossip as the lines get larger.

These same people often "get bored" and quit without so much as a 2-week notice, and then go someplace else for a few months, get terminated or quit, then go to the next firm. God, I'd hate to be in their shoes come tax time. Having to wait for all those W-2's to come in before filing their tax returns...if they even do that!!! I know for a fact that their kind doesn't change if they should be so lucky to bullshit or half-ass their way up the ladder. There was an archives manager I knew who was being paid much more than me. Word was he took 3-hour lunches, and often called in. He got caught though. He was ordered to resign...or be terminated and face prosecution for employee time sheet fraud. I was wise to his ways when he was a temporary. I never reported him because I was new back then, and didn't want a reputation as a "back stabber". The unwritten rule is that new employees lay low, and don't "rock the boat". [After 9 years at my current employer, I'm still not known to make trouble and of course I don't snitch on other employees.]

I got off track here, but what I'm trying to say is I wouldn't want their resume`. And what I don't get is people like yourself excusing their actions, and blaming other people for the choices these doofuses WILLFULLY made!!! An employee with a good work ethic values a spotless resume`. And cares enough about his/her customers to make sure they get a quality AND undamaged product.

Finally, I can assure you my employer compensates me for ALL my hours. I know how to read a stub. But even if Wal-Mart or McDonald's employees do get screwed on a regular basis like you're implying, it's still not the customers' fault. Customers still deserve, and have a right to expect, trouble-free product and service. [FYI, Wal-Mart and the K don't always have the lowest prices. In fact, there is little or no difference in price, compared to their competition, on many of the items they sell.

That is all!


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