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How do you justify sucking up to Mulroney ?

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on February 24, 1998 at 09:49:11:

In Reply to: How do you justify posted by Mike Sprout on February 22, 1998 at 08:22:28:

MS: How do you justify calling Wal-Mart and Kmart (about to disapear in Canada after being taken over by canadian Hudson Bay co.) evil?

Qx: Apparently you have no idea what corporate governance is but then again you could be faking it.

MS:I guess the employees at the Wal Mart in Windsor that voted overwelmingly against unionization didn't think they were being treated that badly.

Qx: Reading this is always fun. You probably read the Financial Post's columns and accept them as gospel truth without doing much real questioning on your own. Now if you would really like me to get on touch with the Ottawa and Toronto GMBs it would be great to discuss your petty descriptions of unions as a "special interest group". By the way, you really should get a job.

MS: Maybe you could do a little travelling to some foreign countries to see what really qualifies for the poor treatment of employees. The pay of these companies puts even their lowest paid employees in the top few percantage points of the world's population for income.

Qx: Typical sycophancy that dimly echoes the tripe of the old regime in South Africa. Since you don't know if James has travelled anywhere you have to throw in the typical neo-con horseshit to feel good about yourself.

MS: Yes, the music sections of department stores is often a mess. Thats the beauty of the capitalist system - if you don't like it your free to shop somewhere else. There will always be someone searching for areas to exploit weakness in competitors. Around here, the cheapest place to buy popular cds (if you don't have a costco membership and the arn't available from record clubs) is Wal Mart. Whats so evil about offering customers low prices? If someone wants to find some more obscure titles, they can always shop elsewhere, and pay more. How is this evil?

Qx: Now Sprout wants to divert the debate into one about good and evil. Quite the way for a neo-con who loves Harris like Mel Lastman used to do.

MS: To any Canada bashers lurk(or)ing out there, Canada is about to announce it has become the first country in the G7 to have a balanced budget.

Qx: Yet more typical innnuendoes by a Mulroney lover. Hey Sprout/Fish/Poor Baby Conservative ! Welcome to the human race and while you're at it try explaining to us why the book ON THE TAKE by Stevie Charleton has been subject to a libel suit yet. C'mon. I dare you.

MS:Now no one mention hockey in the Olympics and spoil our gloating.

Qx: I'll mention it you pucksucker. Who gives a damn about nationalism? Now go trash the computer lab at St. Lawrence College. I'll notify the campus webmaster wgo did it since you're not a student there.

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