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Mulroney and Multinationals

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW, Guess ) on March 03, 1998 at 09:36:51:

In Reply to: Mulroney was GRRRREEEEAAAATTT!!!!! posted by Mike Sprout on February 28, 1998 at 23:43:37:

When one mentions Brian Mulroney, the ex-prime Minister of Canada, one cannot get a true understanding of what this person was about until one understands the corporate ideology underlying the policies that he implemented. So Mulroney is not an off-topic issue if one really looks at it. One doesn't even have to look at it for very long to see the pattern of cronyism that crept from Manicouagan to Ottawa.

Before he was elected he was publicly adamant about not signing into the then proposed North American Free Trade Agreement. After that ..... well, we know what happened and as a supporter of Brian Mulroney here tells us the big lie we must try to understand what makes this Sprout person tick.

First of all when one debates Sprout one doesn't just debate about politics and economics . We have to realize that we are arguing about Sprout's religion. In addition to that we must also realize that we are dealing with a fanatic and that's not always pleasant.

To be a conservative is indicative enough but to be a Mulroney supporter is to demand being laughed at for forever and a day. If anybody ever feels sorry for Brian they can always help him out with a donation. Of course most of us won't but for those who might I think I can understand why.

The problem in Canada is not altogether different than much of the rest of the world when it comes to the corporate stranglehold on the mindsets of so many Canadians. This is a social democracy in crisis and Sprout likes it. This is typical of those who share the same beliefs.

But there are many ways to counter these deliberate distortions of Sprout and his likes and you can do it right here in Canada! We should never be afraid of these belligerents or the fact that they have more guns or prisons. That would be a betrayal of humanity.

Canada needs to connect with itself and get to it's roots (which are much deeper than any conservative ideology) and it needs to do it fun while doing it also. And now for a bit of point-by-point responses to Sprout.
MS: Since your pollution of this discussion with off topic comments (as is your style - see depate with Ronald, IWW board, etc.) is not rejected, I will attempt a brief response realizing it probably won't be posted anyway,

Qx: I guess this it then eh? I think it's more your pollution but then again that's besides the point isn't it? Not a bad attempt at diverting the discussion into petty bickering by the typical bland accusations. *yawn*

MS: as was my lengthy post in the McLibel section to you and Ronald.

Qx: I can't wait to see it.

MS: Mulroney set Canada on a new course after the many years of Trudeau and his idot finance ministers (and we know who one of them was) spent us into one of the worst debt situations on earth. Yes, their was defecits during the PC term, however they were entirely due to the compounding of interest on debt runup by Trudeau, Turner, Lalonde, and Chretien. Mulroney ran an operational surplus during his term. Its a joke to see Martin taking credit for the balanced budget now, the work was done by the PCs.

Qx: The deficit is a hoax. Get used to it.

MS: Reforming the joke of a federal sales tax into the GST, thereby ending the penalization of Canadian manufacturers was a tremendous accomplishment, acknowledged by the current government who likes the gst so much that the have encouraged the provinces to sign up, with nary a word of their election pledge to scrap it.

Qx: Typical corporate propaganda from what the vast majority of Canadians perceive it to be. That you can just parrot such terminology has more to do with mental health than education. And don't try blaming Ontario's unionized teachers. You only have yourself to blame.

MS: Mulroney played a major role in international affairs behind the scenes, as noted by Gorbachev and Bush. He was an instrumental force in the end of the cold war, and was (and is) widely respeced around the world.

Qx: Sycophancy is the forte of a puppet.

MS: No doubt the greatest accomplishment of the pc term was the introduction of the Can/Us free trade deal, on extremely favorable terms to Canada. This deal is the envy of the world. Trade stats since clearly demonstrate its worth.

Qx: That's pretty funny. Can you repeat it again? Maybe you'll tell us about the nuclear side of this issue also. This is just another bit of your claim to rationalism that is skewed to pieces.

And while you're at it you could tell us about how good the MAI will be just look at what's happening now. I can see this happening all over the planet and countries pulling out like the last time free trade was implemented in the 1800's in Europe.

MS: As for your outdated article on R Friedland,

Qx: Interesting how you're using the word "outdated" if it isn't to your convenience to answer honestly. The environmental degardation Friedland is responsible for will probably not be "outdated " for a very long time. Destroying the environment is destroying the environment. Plain and simple.

MS: perhaps youve heard of Diamon Fields Resources and its Voisy Bay nickel deposit? Maybe youve heard of the wealth this has brought shareholders, locals in Newfounland - including the aboriginal population?

Qx: That's a half-truth and you know it. the aboriginal population is asking for massive guarantees and there's no way anybody in the mining imndustry has that much truth or honesty in them. It's a crock and the Earth gets ripped even more. The native population will probably be deliberately split into different factions with the dollar bill seen as the holy grail by some and others knowing better.

MS: My returns have been quite good so far in 98. You may want to chech a chart of Yamana Resources (YRI.T) (listed on Toronto, but a VSE style company) that I bought at .74 and sold at $2 a couple of weeks later. Yes, the vse is not for everyone, but for those willing to do their homework, and having the right psycological profile to battle the insiders, speculative investmant offers potential spectacular rewards. (you might want to keep your eye on the diamond exporation currently underway in Alberta over the next 6 mos., companies like PUG.T, NCS.V, and LCR.V and TYR.M).

Qx: Thanks for the tips.

MS: It would be nice if you could use these forums for their intended purpose, debating the issues being dscussed rather than attacking the people posting. I think it was Gort who called you on that at IWW.

Qx: If you could get off your ego and not pollute the IWW guestbook with a racial comment it would be nice. Ver nice indeed. As for Stu...he's a grown man and can take care of himself and if you're that much of a fan then why don't you just quit playing the market and read THE UNCONSCIOUS CIVILIZATION by John Ralston Saul. You might be able to make sense of the world but in case you don't the at least it's a good tip for the readers.

MS: FYI, I'm not posting from Saint Lawerence College.

Qx: Ahhh...touched a nerve didn't I?

MS: As for getting a job, are you going to lend me your squeegee?

Qx: I don't have a squeegee close by. No... wait I'll get over to my 4X4 truck and lend it to you. It'll be of great use when the market turmoil paints the streets red. Of course I'm speculating here aren't I?

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