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Government and Welfare: Like Laurel and Hardy

Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on March 23, 1998 at 10:04:12:

In Reply to: I dont think the government should be endlessly carrying anyone posted by Dan on March 20, 1998 at 10:04:53:

Dan: Thanks for using my name so many times, I might have forgot who you were talking to :-). But really you are correct (inversely I was wrong) about moving money around. I immediately started thinking about "moving" money from those who had it to those who didnt. I used too global of terms for what I was thinking. If nothing else I gave you an opportunity to strut your stuff.

SDF: I see. So the government still shouldn't be "moving money around"? Or have you changed your mind about that? Keep me updated.

Dan: As for Corporate welfare, they do not leach off of the government for the rest of their lives or spawn generations of inheritted welfare.

SDF: People "leach off the government for the rest of their lives"? I don't believe it. People don't do any of this "leaching" in military industries, not in banking, not in schooling, not in law? I thought that these were the main dependencies created by government largesse, so I don't believe that either.

Perhaps you're talking about people who aren't conscripted into the labor force, or more properly the "payroll force", the people as they appear on payrolls. That is, if we didn't call it welfare, if we called it payroll, and made 'em "work" for it, you'd like it? If we changed the name of "welfare" from Aid to Families with Dependent Children, to "Payroll, Glamour, Jobs, Production, Conscription," you would support it?

And another thing: If you're against Aid to Families with Dependent Children, but you're for Aid to Dependent Corporations, how is your position consistent?

Dan: I believe WORKFARE might be the solution to WELFARE but we will have to see. I believe in A HAND UP NOT A HAND OUT. This implies some form of help to get you back on your feet. I dont think the government should be endlessly carrying anyone.

SDF: I see. Well, workfare is the status quo in the world of the "welfare bill." Of course, you only qualify for it for five years, probably years 0-5 if you were born after January 1 of 1997. Do you really think that when you're "on your feet" you can pretend to be forever self-sufficient, that you won't ever need government assistance yourself, for the rest of your life? I didn't think you were a beneficiary of the laws concerning legacy...

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