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Posted by: Jim Duncan ( USA ) on April 16, 1998 at 09:49:11:

I worked at the IBM PC Company at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. I would like to express my anger at the way the Executives and Managers treat the poor employees.

We were REQUIRED to work seven (7) days a week for 4 to 6 weeks in a row without a day off. When Hurricane Fran roared right through the Raleigh-Durham area--were were told we could NOT leave work in spite of 60 MPH winds and extremely dangerous conditions outside. We were held hostage to finish out our shift.

Managers and Supervisors yelling at employees, constant threats, extremely unprofessional conduct by Management. Everyday we were threatened i.e. build your assigned quota of PC's or hit the door. It was terrible. Fist fights between employees broke out often due to the pressure and stress. It was just the worst place I've ever worked. When one thinks about IBM one thinks of a wonderful and progressive place to work. Well take it from a person who saw it first hand--it's not that way at the IBM PC Company. What makes it worse is upper management is aware of how the employees are being treated and they do nothing about it. They simply don't care. They're only concern is $$$. A sad situation at the IBM PC Company!

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