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STOP Shandwick PR - the fucked up greenwashers

Posted by: OneWOE ( One World One Environment ) on April 16, 1998 at 12:27:32:

I'm trying to find out as much as possible about Shandwick PR. They are employed by a stated owned
enterprise in New Zealand who are chopping down beautiful native forest. They are using the typical
greenwash tactics and have placed explosives on there own helicopter to gain public support.

I'm writting a press article to expose Shandwick for what they are, and to show the public what we are up
against. This will not only help New Zealand but hopefully other countries with similar problems.

I've already got someone to publish the article, so I am calling all people who have had enough with
being pushed about by multinational companies to keep there ears and eyes open and drop me a line if
they hear any thing.

My email is : onewoe@yahoo.com



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