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By what rights do we humans TORTURE other animals

Posted by: Dawn on April 23, 1998 at 09:48:02:

In Reply to: In a Rabbit's eye! posted by Luke Kuhn on April 13, 1998 at 11:40:46:

: : I belive that animal testing is good for many reasons.
: : 1: We have so many products that have been tested on animals could we get a long with out them?
: : 2: There has many lives saved from animal testing. The information that we have gained from animal testing is so great.
: : 3: If we would not test on animals there would be a overpopulation of animals. You will say that we can hunt them but if that happened wouldn't we have more deaths from shooting.
: : So what do you think is animal testing still bad well if you think so I think that it is good. Think of it this way the animals are helping us to live longer.
: Hannah Taylor ::

By what rights do we humans TORTURE other animals who have brain and feel pain to improve our own standard of living. While there are other predators on earth, no other predator keeps its prey alive for weeks on end under continual torture with the possible exception of a few varieties of spider or wasp. Is this the company we wish to keep. Beyond the medical ex
God made animals AND humans, we have the obligation to treat everything and everyone with respect and love no matter what. What gives us the right to try to further or life span? God will end us when He wants, we are here to serve Him, not try to become a superior race. We are looking selfish and foolish by hurting something that loves us and keeps us surviving by their existence as we do for them.

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