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living in the dark ages

Posted by: MC Davey ( Apu's Son Pictures, Tucson, Arizona USA ) on May 04, 1998 at 12:43:30:

In Reply to: animal testing and vaccines posted by laura on April 26, 1998 at 03:58:25:


The only thing rational about your post is your ignorance concerning the environmental crisis and the eco-system that is dangerously affected, including homosapiens interwoven into global eco-system. Laura you lack the understanding behind the politics of animal testing, the medical establishment, and your lack of understanding includes the concept of nutrition that is the key to long life and a healthy body.

Laura you are living in the dark ages. Millions upon millions of chimpanzees were slaughtered to cure polio. Now in the late 20th century, in less then 100 years of the industrial revolution, where chimps are dying off quickly, affected by human greed, and dwindling habitat. (Rainforest destruction) In this age of environmental crisis upon us, my answer to you is immerse yourself with these issues. Human overpopulation is causing more species to become extinguished then any other time since the dinasaur age.

Your answer to this crisis is not to accept drugs prescibed by the medical community, a very intelligent suggestion by the way. I don't accept drugs from a medically established hypocrisy. There is absolutely no need for animal testing when the human species should have more intelligence on the verge of a new dqwn, the 21st century.

Animal testing is a primitive concept. Computers can easily handle the oceans of data over decades of slaughter by the medical community, the torture of innocent species for greed and profit. Laura this is and has always been symbolic of animal testing. There will never be a cure for cancer. If society would turn away from medical propaganda promoting drug use and focus more on nutritional principles, promoting health and emotional stability there would be less cancer in the world.

I could tell you about medical hypocrisy. The medical establishment is largely ignornant of the very basic concepts of nutrition. Their answer to common medical problems is feeding people drugs, drugs and more drugs. This practice does far from cure the ailment, it masks the sick person through drug treatment. The pharmaceutical industry loves this, as does the health care industry. They profit in billions of dollars annually. Nutrition is the the very basic answer to those horrible health problems. Nutrition, exercise, and emotional stability are the key to good health, long life, peace and love.

Animal testing and drug treatment are primitive concepts. Laura you made a good suggestion for refusing drugs. Society should accept fewer pharmaceutical industry sponsored drug teatment for moral, ethical, and health reasons.


MC Davey
President Apu's Son Pictures.


MC Davey

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