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Obnoxious smart a.. employee @ Clinton S.C. KFS ! ! !

Posted by: MAD ( Netscape, U.S. ) on May 11, 1998 at 00:56:58:

On this day Friday May 8th 1998 at roughly 5:10 pm my wife drove to the KFC's drive thru in Clinton S.C. to order the family dinner. She placed
an order for some roasted chicken and all the fixens. The employee came
back in a smart a.. voice, quote:(ALL WE HAVE IS LEGS AND WINGS AND TO GET ANY OTHER PIECES, YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT 40 MINUTES.)This is no way
to treat a would be paying customer! I have worked for the public a few
times in my younger years, and sometimes the public can also be a a..
hole! BUT!; when the customer leaves and the next comes up the employee
should have a likeable attitude for that customer!

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