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American Bad Taste?

Posted by: Brian Cohen ( United States ) on May 20, 1998 at 09:25:22:

To equate the dislike for a fast-food restaurant chain (known as Burger King here in the United States) with "American bad taste" is truly insulting and displays the utmost in ignorance. You may freely like or dislike Hungry Jack's restaurants and food, but unless you have actually been to the United States and experienced first-hand what our country has to offer, don't be quick to cast dispersions and consider Hungry Jack's restaurants as the only representative of American taste, good or bad.

Is Burger King a great restaurant? No! But keep this in mind: Hungry Jack's is not in business in Australia because Australians hate to eat there. Apparently there are enough Australians with "bad taste" to keep Hungry Jack's in business.

By the way, on a totally different subject, Outback Steakhouse, a totally American restaurant chain with an Australian theme, is a success story here in the United States. Great food, but not the best food.

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