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The concept is good, but customer service needs to improve.

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Texas, USA ) on May 26, 1998 at 10:16:16:

In Reply to: some insightful knowledge posted by mark brown on May 13, 1998 at 10:26:15:

I didn't really get to know Wal-Mart very well until I returned to Bedford, TX in the early 90's (Didn't care for life in Dallas). But it looks like it's declined severly since Sam Walton's death.

The restrooms are often filthy, despite the "promises" on the doors that management is "committed" to maintaining a "clean and well-stocked restroom". A lot of the clerks don't smile hardly and act like they don't give a shit. As I've mentioned before, the merchandise is abused as it's transported and stocked. That's obvious by observing the condition of the packaging. The CD's and cassettes in the audio department are stocked with no attention paid to the alphabet or artist division. Further the CD variety is severely limited.

Here's the hilarious part! If the album cover, or the lyrics, are considered "offensive" by management's standards, the Wal cancels it from their catalog. It's my understanding that this has happened to Poison (I don't like them but it's a free country), Sheryl Crow (I like some of her stuff but she's not my favorite), and Paula Cole (A local DJ said it appeared she was nude on the cover.). Now how's THAT for "putting the customer first" like their advertising claims to do?!!!!

The whole organization from the CEO to the managers, supervisors, and employees needs a major overhaul. I hope that SOMEDAY they'll get some people in there that will turn the place around.

To all Wal-Mart people: SHOW US, don't tell us, that you're committed to customer satisfaction!!!

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