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nothing but Christian fundamentalist drivel

Posted by: Luke Kuhn ( Utopian Anarchist Party, USA ) on May 26, 1998 at 11:17:28:

In Reply to: Proctor & Gamble : Story Behind the name. posted by Unknown on May 15, 1998 at 10:10:02:

: The original owners of Proctor and Gamble are satanic cult members. Needing money to survive, and continue their grotesque and evil practices, they prayed to the devil asking him for a product to make them ALL rich. Agreeing, the devil gave them the ability to come up with formulas to create the products we use today. In return, they provide horrible sacrifices, like on the animals they test on, to the devil. So you have been warned! It is also tied in with MICROSOFT. Beware.

This is BULLSHIT. The Christian nuts have been spreading this story around for years. As much as these corporations disgust me-and as evil as animal testing is, the fact is that the satanic angle is nothing but Christian fundamentalist drivel. Since it has been discredited, it can be used in turn to discredit anyone spreading this old chain letter of an idea. Know your facts before you post.
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McSpotlight: Luke, I don't think the original poster was being entirely serious.

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