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Hungry Jacks

Posted by: Lauren ( employee, Australia ) on May 28, 1998 at 10:00:04:

I have worked at Hungry Jacks for a year and yes sometimes it can be frustrating, but in other ways I love it. I met all of my good friends at HJs and most shifts I have are a bit of a social time for me - although I do work hard. There is only a couple of problems I can see with it - The Systems are BAD! At our store the equipment is falling to pieces! Perhaps if it were fixed up crew would be faster and it would make it a heck of allot easier to work in, instead of 50 year old registers. And computer systems that don't work so we have to repeat everything in the mike every 2 seconds. And Management is terrible, Since the time I started, in 1 year we have had over 20 different managers and very few good ones.

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