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Sprout the desperate sycophant.....

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on June 04, 1998 at 09:38:06:

In Reply to: Uh, Quincunx the truth twister..... posted by Mike $prout on June 03, 1998 at 09:37:16:

MS: Since you are supposedly so good at 'researching', maybe you would be so kind as to post the Ontario unemployment rate before Harris came to power, and currently. How is a plunging unemployment rate bad for the poor?

Qx: I'd like to read your reasons first since you're the one initiating the spin. How about it?

MS: How is ridding the welfare system of fraud, ensuring the truly needy are taken care of (and reducing the stigmitization), bad?

Qx: The corporate welfare system? Well..let's see here. Of course you'll defend Mulroney's network of kickbacks and folks like Robert Freidland and the rest of those types but they tend to stigmatize themselves. I might even defend you if you get pregnant and have a monster beer drinking habit. Oh.... That's right! Harris removed that stigma on the cross he's carrying for you didn't he?

MS: Lets face it, its time to admit the welfare state model didn't work, as Klein and Harris continue to prove the success of a free market, non-interventionist (at least less intervensionist) government. When are you going to join the rest of the world and give up on you're outdated assumptions?

MS: I think you're mistaking me for an NDP supporter or something along those lines. Nice try at spin but the idea of the Klein and Harris being non-interventionist is hardly tenable. Can you back up those assertions?

As for the rest of the world you might find that the vast majority of the world is in the so-called "Third World"and have no illusions about the free market solutions that you claim they embrace. Go ahead and accuse me of assuming but I used to be a believer in the free market theories and challenged the assumptions of that economic model and woke up a long time ago.

MS: I'm not surprised you(and your love for all and anything union) would be against any kind of educational initiative that might reflect badly on those poor underworkend teachers. Its about time something was done to expose the incompentacies of most, so something can be done to fix it. Its quite clear something was wron with the education of a population that would elect someone like Bob Rae.

Qx: You seem to have a deep resentment of the people of Ontario. Why? Is it because you feel that they are in need of leadership from an elite group of neo-conservatives who closet themselves from the public? Anyways, as I've posted before, if you think I support anything union then you're dead wrong and if you think I endorse the power structure that prevails withi the various teacher's unions in Ontario then you're really way off the mark.

As far as incompetencies go would you please post clearly as to how incompetent those teachers are? Or are you that highly indoctrinated?

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