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Conchita Banana - The Censored Story

Posted by: bill on July 09, 1998 at 09:43:57:

Last week the Cincinatti Enquirer published an apology for a hard hitting investigative report on Conchita Banana (formerly United Fruit Company). They agreed to pay $10 million to the corporation to avoid?!! a possible lawsuit. Part of the information contained within the report was based on some 2000 voice mails which the corporation states were stolen.

The report revealed bribery, illegal use of banned pesticides, drug shipments, kidnapping - using the Honduran military, etc.

Conchita apparently has sufficient clout to kill The Story.

The Enquirer has erased the story from the internet, and all previous links refer back to the apology - not the story.

BUT THE REPORT STILL LIVES!!!! (At least for a while)

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