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about mc mierda and others things

Posted by: jacobo im sxe ( about mcmierda, mazatlan,sin. mexico ) on July 13, 1998 at 10:20:54:

hi my name is jacobo and i talking about mc donalds,
by the way i doing a movement and protest againts the mc donalds,
for now we are only 4 persons and we are a sxe.punx,ecology,
animal rights,againts multinationals,againtscd and all multinational,againts the system,againts the religions,etc.
we are a band who called "los verduras sin carne"traduccion(the vegetagbles not m e a t)
we are giving flayers about mc donalds in all the city.we are dreaming how kick all multinationals. mierdas de capitalistas(capitalism shit)
weŽll be more in a future. ( "los verduras sin carne").

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