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Burger King

Posted by: Connie Garber on August 10, 1998 at 09:19:43:

This evening, August 8, 1998, my husband and I stopped at the Burger King on the Atlantic City Expressway. I grabbed 2 cheeseburgers from the cheeseburger tray and 2 hamburgers from the hamburger tray. Once we got to our car, I noticed that we had 4 cheeseburgers. Since I am allergic to dairy products, I am unable to eat cheeseburgers. My husband went back to exchange 2 cheeseburgers for 2 hamburgers. After I ate one hamburger, I discovered I was given another cheeseburger. My husband says he grabbed 2 hamburgers from the hamburger tray once again. I believe the Burger King employees need to be more careful when placing the burgers in their respective trays. Obviously, some customers are not receiving what they are actually wanting. In my case, eating a dairy product can be fatal. Please inform all employees of the importance of accuracy in the placing of sandwiches in their respective trays.

A McSpotlight volunteer replies: We are not a Burger King offshoot any more than a McDonald's one. Burger King are on a par with McDonald's when it comes to the effect of their practices on their workers, the environment, animals and customers. The only real difference is their advertising budget isn't so huge. Your problem almost certainly stems from the fact that workers in burger chains are invariably forced to work at speed, which makes mistakes inevitable. Wouldn't you rather change the pace of life so you and others don't have to grab a meal in such a hurry. And while your dairy allergy is immediately life threatening, even without the cheese the typical fare at a burger joint is not doing your health much good. We'd invite you to take a look round some of the McSpotlight site and think about whether you really want to eat in a burger bar again.

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