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All the dirt you could want on Hungry Jack's

Posted by: Anon (for the sake of my family) ( Australia ) on August 11, 1998 at 13:52:51:

As a ex-manager at Hungry Jack's i can fully understand the complaints being made in this sight. They are no exageration. Hungry Jack's and it's head managers should be ashamed of them selves in fact i don't know how they can sleep at night. staff are treated like slaves, paid like slaves and expected to behave like robots. As a human being with feelings i had no choice but to leave my Job as a Manager at hungry jack's to keep my moral belives and values. As a manager i was instructed to "Scream" at staff no matter how good a job they were doing. i was expected to allocate jobs such as jumping in bins to squash them down due to managers incompetence to put bins out at night. As a staff member i was expected to clean toilets covered with feaces although that was not part of my job description. i witnessed staff being chastised and often emotionally abused for making tiny mistakes. As a manager i was expected to work 14 hour shifts being only paid for 8 hours at 8.35 an hour no penalties paid nor over time. Staff are expected to work when ever called in no matter the curcumstance. i witnessed a resturant manager abuse a staff member for not comming in when asked (the staff member was not rostered to work) due to the fact her father passed away two days before. The managers excuss for lack of sympathy was that the girl had let the Hungry Jack's team down.

Hungry Jack's is a unprofessional company ran by unprofessional wankers.

There are many more stories far worse than the one i have told but for fear of my identity being disclosed i must refrain from telling them.

Don't let hungry jack's empire build. We don't need money that bad

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