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Posted by: Terho Kiviniemi ( IKL, Finland ) on August 16, 1998 at 10:45:00:


I have a some questions about our reasons against nationals, or against humans who really want to save their identifications or they rights of they own countries or they lands. I live in small country, and we have very high unemploy number here, why other countries always try to put persons in here? why you donīt understand that, when other humans, (usually peoples, who are criminals or peoples and who have lot of money to come here), made here more of nationalistic humans. You must understand that we donīt give up, like when the Russians invised here in 1939, we donīt let other enemies capture our FATHERLAND!, If you donīt understand, you understand when we do it.

I belive that those peoples who comes here, are not part of peoples who needs help (i mean, Somalies, Romans). You know that Palestinians and Kurdis (i donīt know right word, but you know natioinals who live in part of Irak and Turkey) are humans who needs help, but western part of world donīt help them, because jews are against Palestinians. If some Palestinian want to help, iīll give it all my heart, even ask him to come and live here in Finland if they can not leave in peace int THEIR OWN LAND!.
And if somebody needs help in their own home, we western countries must help them there, not here. Letīs save their country, not destroy it, or my!!

PS you must understand, my lanquage is finnish not english!

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