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Multinationals don't try too hard in Australia

Posted by: Peter ( Australia ) on August 21, 1998 at 14:47:05:

Multinationals, grossly underestimate Australian business opportunities.
Banks - No Foreign currency accounts, and changing into foreign amounts is a ten minute drama. On the other hand, if our managers are soooo good, why the hell are we importing.

SaveOn and Longs - Come on out and reap the $$$, no drug stores here, just lonely provincial chemist shops. How about discount email prescriptions too.

Nike, Rebok etc. I can't buy size 15 sneakers, and I object to paying $100 plus for a product made (China) with 5th rate inners. with the store only stocking to size 12 at most. Anyone know of site for US mail order- big sizes??

XRAY and pathology shops.

The mega hardware stores are just being 'invented' , yet they seen to be filled up with overpriced crap.

Our shopping malls have mega rents. No one brave enough to build an 'in the boonydocks' megacentre.

Department Stores. We could be an outlet for US made clothes, but our retailers are too timid, and stick to safe chinese lines with 500% markups. well Haynes knows better, but thats an exception.

Taiwan - oh if only you bothered with an mail order site in English. BH6 motherboard not available yet.

And Maccas - my only complaint is the buns are not toasted properly on cold wet days. Complaining does no good - the timer is always right.

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