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Re: Animal Experiments are not science

Posted by: j.citizen on September 01, 1998 at 01:08:58:

In Reply to: Animal Experiments posted by Kristin G. Cassidy J. on May 15, 1998 at 09:39:10:

: Also say someone injected a chimpanzi w/ aids, a chimpanzi will most ceartenly not react the same way to cures or diseases as a human would because of their very differant bodies and immune systems.

while this is true....

: I mean come on!!!!If you Inject aids into a monkey, he will just die.

this isn't necessarily so!

check out the web-site of the CAMPAIGN AGAINST FRAUDULENT MEDICAL RESEARCH (CAFMR) for the scientific arguments against animal research.

You'll find informaiton that both the animal research lobby and their puppets in the animal rights/welfare movement suppress from the public. Articles by doctors, former-animal researchers and students.

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