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Posted by: joey davidson ( canada ) on September 18, 1998 at 01:48:34:

I myself eat at bugerking and find that the servise is great.I althought ate at McDonals and was unsatified i found a piece of wood in my bigmac and when i confronted the place about it they told me that they didnt know where there hambuger came from i was very upset and i called the food inspecters on them. that i find is more degreating than finding a peice of cheese that you can take out if your unhappy with. A piece of wood is not very sanitary and can couse alittle more damage if i had swallowed it. At least they were willing to change you cheesebuger for a buger they told me that they would give me my money back and they were not concerned about my helth. My question is how do i find out about openning my own BugerKing and how much does it cost.

McSpotlight: It costs the earth!

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